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Merchandise Return Policy


To be eligible for credit, all returns must meet the following conditions:
1. Merchandise was ordered directly from The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. and have a valid invoice to confirm the return.

2. Returns Must be submitted within 30 days for approval. Returns are not accepted from 3rd party customers.

3. Merchandise is in the original packaging. Returns will NOT be accepted if the returned merchandise is not in its original packaging, or if the packaging bears any hand written marks such as style and/or sizing. All stickers or labeling applied to the packaging or the merchandise itself must be removed prior to returning; otherwise a 10% service charge will be assessed.

4. Merchandise must be clean, unused, and in salable condition.

5. Merchandise is NOT from any The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. final Closeout offers.

6. The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to refuse returns due to claims relative to merchandise' s sizing, fitting, color, or dimensions, and has the final say in this regard.


Merchandise Return Procedure


1. Please call us at 1-877-863-4891 for return authorization. A Return Label with a RA (Return Authorization) # or a UPS AR Label will be mailed to you. The UPS AR labels are issued only when the return is either due to The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC.’s shipping error or a manufacturing defect.

2. Completely fill out the Merchandise Return Form and attach it with the returned merchandise. Merchandise returned without the completely filled out Merchandise Return Form is subject to a 10% service charge and/or refusal of the package.

3. Affix the Return Label to the package to be returned. Merchandise received without a Return Label from The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. will be refused and returned unopened to the sender. The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. is not responsible for the shipping charge incurred from returns without a return label.

4. Please note that we reserve the right to NOT issue call tags. All returns must be prepaid. Collect returns, authorized or not, will be refused.

5. All returns due to The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC.ís shipping error or a manufacturing defect must be shipped via UPS Ground or standard U.S. Postal Service. If returns are shipped via any other methods, only applicable UPS Ground freight rate will be credited.


Credit Issuance Policy


1. Full credit will be given on goods returned due to manufacturing defect or The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. shipping error. In either case, we will also reimburse the applicable shipping charge to the customer. In No event shall our liability extend beyond the full credit and the shipping charge. Shipment of replacement merchandise is limited to UPS Ground only and cross shipping will be charged before The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. receives the return merchandise.

2. Returns for reasons other than the above are subject to a 15% handling and restocking fee. In addition, the customer is responsible for the shipping charge.

3. No credit will be given on goods that have been altered in any way, or show signs of intentional tampering or excessive wear. The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. reserves the right for the final judgment in this regard.

4. No credit will be given until the returned merchandise has been inspected and evaluated by The Highest Heel Enterprises, LLC. Upon approval you will receive a credit on your account.

5. Credits may not be redeemed for cash. Credits can be applied to open invoices and future orders only. Credits can only be applied to up to 50% of a future order.

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